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If you are not able to view this site for any reason please let us help you. SellingVenice.com has made a conscious effort to make this website accessible to everyone. If you have problems accessing something on the website or have a suggestion for improving the website’s accessibility,

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It is the intent of this page not to have any images and the least amount of code as possible with plain text.

The site uses a “fluid” design, so that the text flows to match the space of the browser’s window. If you change the size of the browser window or the text, the content will, over a wide range, remain within the right and left margins of the window.

The Selling Venice website includes images both to improve the appeal of the site and to convey information.

Links have been written to provide context and information about what they link to.

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The colors of the text have been selected to have a high contrast from the background to make text stand out clearly and be easy to read. All text in the site has a contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1 between any text and its background. Static text (i.e., text that you cannot interact with) is in a black font.

PDF (.PDF) Documents
Portable Document Format (PDF) is sometimes used to preserve the content and formatting of publications and other items that were intended for distribution by hard copy (e.g., paper-based). If you cannot access or read a .pdf created by American Realty Venice, please email us: INFO@AmericanRealtyVenice.com

If you are using a screen reader to access the website, you may need Adobe Reader or some similar program to open and read the PDF files. If you have a screen reader, you may also need Access Adobe. You can download Adobe Reader and Access Adobe for free from Adobe’s website at (external non-P2P website) http://www.adobe.com/.